Hey Ethereum Community,

In the face of the approaching Ice Age, we are faced with problems:

The prolonged block time in the Ice Age does serve a purpose for reducing incentives for miners and so as to facilitate the adaption to the PoS hardfork(s); however, it is at the expense of slower responsiveness in the system.

Appeals for removing the difficulty bomb and delaying the Ice Age are voiced in the community, but at the same time, it would also mean the continuous inflation of coins remains. Thus, we also see corresponding proposals for a reduction of Etherum coin emission to maintain the original more predictable supply plan, which would be beneficial for increasing investments and in the long run, a robust and stable growth for the platform.

There it came EIP#186( EIP#186 is drafted in the spirit of preserving fast response of the system, ensuring a smoother transition to PoS, and at the same time a decrease in per-block rewards.

Rationale for the choice of motion:

Instead of a direct vote on EIP#186, we propose for a show of preference first. And as the discussion is both about choosing the direction of economic model and its policies, the motion is designed in a slightly more compound form to provide guidelines for detailed policy making that follows.

Motion: The ice age should not be extended without at least some decrease in block rewards.

In the case of the proposition, we would like to have a differentiation on the preferred per-block minimum rewards

To Decrease Block Rewards

NO 0x71caff5fd6facbaf1863426ac05b3703636a9bb9 Count: 0.9437 Ether

YES: 0 ≤ reward < 1.5 0x3af6df663d717b0ecc24144279a81a2483fbe510 Count: 2499.899 Ether

YES: 1.5 ≤ reward < 2 0xa73908834dfdd442ebfe171100ac0befa6abb1f5 Count: 275.5115 Ether

YES: 2 ≤ reward < 3 0x5a3466432ff4ba946f84786462f0b6830c7d2bef Count: 0.0 Ether

YES: 3 ≤ reward < 4 0x77888faab224e03d76c517455c442cb6fe8dae40 Count: 0.0 Ether

YES: reward ≥ 4 0xfb0d2a63d8910d9582c430f1ffd3b2fc79bbdfdf Count: 0.0 Ether


Ether: 0.9437


Ether: 2775.4105

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Last Block: 3246274 Mechanism

1) Who should vote?

We believe the legitimate voters should be players who have ethers in their wallets.

2) So we are going to count heads?

No. We are going to count coins, in this case, ethers. How many ethers you have, how many votes you have.

3) How to vote?

Simply, send a 0-ETH transaction from your wallet to the YES or NO address. The transaction itself serves as a message of the vote. The ethers under the from address of the transaction will be considered a unanimous batch of ballots that support or oppose the proposal of a hard fork.

Your ethers are safe in your wallets. We won’t collect or lock money.

4) How’s the vote counted? dynamically calculates the ETH that has gone to the two sides as the vote is going on.

So you can change your mind, you can overwrite your vote by resending your message or move the ETH from the addresses that have participated so as to suggest that you are abstaining from the vote as the ETH won’t be able to be counted as votes anymore.

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About was initiated during the DAO hard fork and conducted vote in a secure web-page fashion with the feature that the voting conducted did not require coins to leave voters’ wallets. It had been a great source of reference when the community decided to go with the fork. Our thanks to all that participated in the last and our first round of the vote in DAO hard fork.

Once again, is a community initiated project devdicated to be an important source of reference in a quantitate way, to offer suggestions to the directions of Ethereum for developers and the Ethereum Foundation. We are open to feedbacks to improve in order to better serve the purpose.